Tyler Bisson

Hi! I'm Tyler, a software developer based in the Greater NYC area

My career as a software developer began with a realization about my path as a musician. Over many years, the computer had become my instrument of choice, and to fully embrace my instrument, I’d have to learn it more deeply. As I began coding to write music, I found as much satisfaction in software engineering as I did in composition.

Today, I am a full-stack web developer with a command of some usual suspects: React, Redux, Rails, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, & RSpec. As a developer, I’m passionate about building and designing apps that take advantage of the internet’s strengths: connecting us, allowing us to create, and introducing us to unconsidered possibilities.

Recent Projects

Groove Pizzeria

Groove Pizzeria is an instrument and notation tool allowing users to play with and learn about the musical concepts of polyrhythm, polymeter, and the geometry of musical rhythm.

Stereophonic Cumulonimbus

Stereophonic Cumulonimbus is full-stack, single-page app in homage to SoundCloud. Users can stream music, comment on their favorite tracks, and upload their own recordings.

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